Time To Teach

Encouragement, Empowerment, and Excellence in Every Classroom!

Research-bases, Results-driven
staff development training

During this exciting Time to Teach! training, learn how to:

Improve Student Scores
Reduce Disciplinary Challenges and Bullying
Eliminate Nearly All Referrals
Enhance Teacher Job Satisfaction

10 Big Benefits of our training

  1. Learn powerful self-control strategies.
  2.  Incorporate leading-edge classroom design ideas.
  3. Increase time on task, scores, and classroom climate by teaching to rules adn procedures.
  4. Capture student attention.
  5. Build strong student-teacher relationships.
  6. Eliminate multiple warnings and repeated requests.
  7. Use proven methods to deal with serious, challenging behavior.
  8. Learn to reward your students in more motivating ways.
  9. Receive an extensive research-based training resource manual.
  10. Receive support after your training to ensure our strategies are successful in your building.

Learn effective implementation of the 5 components that promote school success

  1. Maintain self-control and composure in all situations!
  2. Arrange classrooms for maximum achievement.
  3. Teach to and enforce rules and procedures
  4. Firmly, but fairly, carry out disciplinary actions.
  5. Build and Maintain strong student-teacher relationships.